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185/365, Bug Queen

185/365, Bug Queen

Monday 16 June 2008

I actually used flash for once...I like the effect sometimes. Yes, taken in my bathroom. I love the pink tiles...and I like the reflection of the bathroom lights in my sunglasses!

I got these sunglasses and the gold bee necklace today. First I went to the dentist for a cleaning & a filling (cost me $176! Geeze. I need a cheaper dentist...) then I met up with Risa (my friend from high school) at SPoT coffee and we shopped on Elmwood. I got a dress from Plum Pudding, then the sunglasses, necklace, and a purse from Clutch. After that I took my 5 hour pre-licensing course...again. Ugh.

Now I'm waiting for Angela to pick me up and I'm going to see her for a bit. Tomorrow? Buff State orientation & then maybe the mall with Angela & Chelsea? Cool. I really can't afford to spend any more money though...although, ETS (Elmwood Taco & Sub) called me for an interview today! Thank goodness. I need a JOB.


Ice Ice Holga

Ice Ice Holga

Just me acting goofy and "slightly stoopid" as always!
Ahh.... now time for some Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2!!!

Nikon D700 \ 50mm \ f\22 \ ISO200
AB800 left & right @ 1/2 with softbox & stripbox
Orbis ringflash front and center w/ SB800 @ 1/2
Triggered via AB CyberSync
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cheap gold necklaces

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