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Rise of nations gold edition full - Childrens gold jewlery.

Rise Of Nations Gold Edition Full

rise of nations gold edition full

    gold edition
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The Late Hon. D.A. Rajapaksa Has Gifted Four Worthy Sons to Save the Nation ( Chamal Rajapaksa , Mahinada Rajapaksa, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and Basil Rajapaksa )

The Late  Hon. D.A. Rajapaksa Has Gifted  Four  Worthy Sons to Save the Nation ( Chamal Rajapaksa , Mahinada Rajapaksa, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa  and Basil Rajapaksa )

D.A.Rajapaksa’s gift to the nation...

“My son will have to learn I know, that all men are not just, all men are not true. But teach him also that for every scoundrel there is a hero, that for every selfish politician, there is a dedicated leader. Teach him to be gentle with gentle people and tough with the tough. Let him have the courage to be impatient. Let him have patience to be brave. Teach him to stand and fight if he thinks he is right. Teach him always to have sublime faith in himself, because then he will always have sublime faith in mankind”,- Abraham Lincoln in a letter to his son’s class teacher.

The nation will endorse that there lived a scoundrel in this country who tried to bury the possibilities of peace ,democracy and magnanimity for three long decades. And that scoundrel was Velupillai Prabakaran from Velvettithurai who led a ruthless terror gang called the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elaam.In the face of the ruthlessness of that criminal, there was born a son from deep South to D.A.Rajapaksa from Medamulana, who took up the challenge and the noble responsibility to defend the unity, integrity and the sovereignty of his country. He is Percy Mahendra Rajapaksa, the second son of D.A.Rajapaksa,who was popularly known in politics as the “ Brave Son of Ruhuna”in the early post independence politics of this country.

The late Sir John Kotalawala once described D.A.Rajapaksa as a brave and honourable Member of the House.The late SWRD Bandaranaike hailed D.A.Rajapaksa for the latter’s high standard of honesty and integrity. D.A.Rajapaksa’s parliamentary travelling claim as a MP only added up to a modest Rs.400/- for four years. When that was brought to the notice of the House by the Speaker, Sir John Kotalawala stood up to say, ‘Mr.Speaker, I could proudly say that the Hon.D.A.Rajapaksa happens to be one of the few honourable members in this House’.

A careful reading of the character and charisma in President Mahinda Rajapaksa stems to mind whether his patriotic father read the contents of Abraham Lincoln’s letter to the class teacher, to the Principal of the school that educated Mahinda Rajapaksa at that time, to ensure what he wanted to make out of his son. In President Rajapaksa,we saw a leadership determined to end terrorism. And that he had executed in a brief period and the demimonde of LTTE murderers have been completely wiped out. Bravery derives from one's self , and not by words .It is opportune to recall an interesting story where the President’s father, the late D.A.Rajapaksa earned bouquets from no lesser person than Sir John Kotalawala in Parliament.

The story in brief is as follows; - There was once a fierce clash between two sets of fishermen at Kudawella in deep South. The rival factions were armed to the teeth,and teetering on an immediate clash. D.A.Rajapaksa was informed of the impending danger. The situation was rather dangerous for anyone to intervene. D.A.Rajapaksa was advised not to proceed to the venue. But, he brushed aside all who tried to hold him back and walked to the spot all by himself. He fearlessly stood in the middle and warned-‘ I warn you for the last time to stop this nonsense and sit down to talk peace.Otherwise, this Rajapaksa will demonstrate to you how D.A.Rajapaksa is good for good, good for bad, and not bad for bad’. There was pin drop silence and the two factions- those who fished with rods and others with nets sat down to resolve the issue. D.A.Rajapaksa settled the battle single handedly.

In the sense of ‘Like Father, Like Son’, President Rajapaksa has proved beyond doubt that he is a dedicated leader and not a selfish politician in the words of Abraham Lincoln. He braved himself to wipe out the common scoundrel Prabhakaran. As Lincoln said, the test of fire turned President Rajapaksa in to a fine steel, to deal with Prabhakaran and the demimonde of LTTE murderers. In less than a three year period of governance, the President has brought a complete end to the blight of terrorist violence to establish the true independence of the nation.

The late D.A.Rajapaksa has gifted a worthy son to save this nation. This is not to belittle his other gifts to the nation, especially Chamal, Gotabhaya and Basil.Although these three brothers have been the subject of caricature,it must be remembered that throughout history leaders have always placed their greatest trust and confidence in their kith and kin when it came to the execution of a war.

History records that whenever this nation was under threat, a brave son from the South emerged as the Saviour. Abraham Lincoln once said, “I am a firm believer in the people.If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis.The great point is to bring them the real facts”.True to the words of Lincoln, President Mahinda Rajapaksa not only believed but also placed trust in the people, depended upon them to meet the national crisis, and brought home the real facts. President Mahinda R

The Nation of Ulysses

The Nation of Ulysses

The Nation of Ulysses, klub Bratniak w Poznaniu, okolo 1992 roku.

rise of nations gold edition full

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