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Cheap gold picture frames - 14 karat gold jewelry - 14 karat gold belly button rings

Cheap Gold Picture Frames

cheap gold picture frames

    picture frames
  • (Picture Frame) A Frame (q.v.) which forms a border surrounding and protecting an image or document to enhance it and to provide a mechanical means of support either for hanging or for standing the item in order to display it to best effect.

  • (Picture Frame) The outermost limits of the picture plane. This boundary (rectangle, square, circle) is represented by the edges of the paper or the margins drawn within.

  • (picture frame) a framework in which a picture is mounted

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cheap gold picture frames - 8x10 /

8x10 / 8'' x 10'' Frame for Picture Photo or Diploma, Solid Wood, Gold, style #616

8x10 / 8'' x 10'' Frame for Picture Photo or Diploma, Solid Wood, Gold, style #616

This is a brand new 8x10 picture/photo frame (meaning a 8'' x 10'' or a 10'' x 8'' print will fit just right). Solid wood, slightly grooved 2'' wide and 1'' thick molding with a 0.25'' deep rabbet is covered with a thin layer of gesso and painted bright-gold. It also features protruding thick rope design. A sure way to make a picture into a centerpiece is by placing it into this bright-gold, wide, sturdy frame that would last virtually forever, inevitably attracting attention to whatever you chose to place in it: a certificate, diploma, photograph, artwork, craft project, etc. Makes a great Valentines-Day gift, too! Please don't hesitate to browse through our policies and feedback, contact us directly at sales@myframestore.com, or just call us toll-free at 1-877-MFS-FRAMES if you need further assistance. If you're not sure this is exactly the frame you need - just click on our name on top of this page to view our extensive selection of picture frames here on Amazon. Don't forget to add us to your favorites, so you don't have to search for us again next time you need a picture frame!

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21 of 365 - Organize

21 of 365 - Organize

21/365, January 21, 2010

I have two thin drawers in the vanity in the bathroom. Up until last night I had just thrown most of my cheap jewelry into the drawers and rummaged for it when I needed it.

Last summer I found these frames for $1 each at a garage sale. They were painted gold and had ugly pictures in them. I took out the glass and backing and lightly painted the frames. (Not sure if I like my paint job, but I can always change it.) There was a business leaving their suite in my building and they were giving away cork boards and I got these for free. I then just added some red pins from my sewing basket. The cost for the whole project was just $2! It looks like I need to go earring shopping!



Christmas isn't very glamorous, unless you live in L.A, in a very big mansion, crowded with your modelpictures in goldish frames. But you can make it look glamorous. By taking pictures of the small details which looks so cheap from others point of view...

cheap gold picture frames

cheap gold picture frames

8.5x11 / 8.5 x 11 Black with Gold Leaf Custom Picture Frame - Brand NEW .. 1.625'' wide

Brand New 8.5x11 Picture Frame. Frame can hang vertically or horizontally. Hardware not attached - easy to install. This 8.5 x 11 Black with Gold Leaf frame is made of Wood, measuring 1.625'' thick(wide), with a .5 '' deep rabbet(inside depth - the space below the lip to the bottom of the frame). Is carefully made to the highest industry standards. This frame comes with Glass. This Fantastic designer frame is a unique frame that you will not find in most frame shops. The frame is perfect to lighten up your most cherished photo or art piece you put into it, yet modest enough to match just about any environment. This Black with Gold Leaf frame works perfectly with black-and-white (B&W), and color pictures or paintings. Makes a nice gift! Please don't hesitate to browse through our policies and feedback. If you're not sure this is exactly the frame you'd like, feel free to use the search at the top of this page and search ArtToFrames to view our huge selection of wood picture frames,metal picture frames, and premade picture frames. Don't forget to add us to favorites, so you don't have to search for us again next time you need a picture frame!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Product SKU # - - 3WOMM431115-8.5x11~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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